University creative clubs

Creative clubs work at the University on the basis of Palace of Students. The profile and content of the clubs' activities allows them to realize their creative initiative and abilities in field of dance, music, singing, theater. Many clubs have a long history and creative achievements. The clubs are run by experienced teachers, artists and students themselves.

The creative work of the clubs is carried out free of charge after-hours. Students can use rehearsal, choreographic and concert halls, stage costumes and props, and they are provided with technical support. To participate in the work of the clubs, you must submit an application or visit the Palace of Students.

University creative clubs

Folk dance ensemble "Zharkyn"

Nation folklore ensemble "Saryn"

Pop singing studio "Jastar"

Vocal and choral studio "Gaudeamus"

Theater and drama studio "Shattyk"

Akyns club "Shabyt"

Art word studio

Modern dance studio

Sports ballroom dance studio

Fashion Theater "Faces"

Club of the cheerful and resourceful

Club "Zhaidarman" - Kazakh league of CCR