Internship programs

Scientific internship is a mandatory component of master's and doctoral degree educational programs. The internship is of a planned nature and aims to help in the collection of materials for graduate research. Internships usually include visits to an educational institution or research center, consultations with professors, and work in laboratories and libraries. As a rule, doctoral students undergo training at universities where their foreign consultant works. The internship program for master's and doctoral students is discussed with a scientific supervisor. The university offers internships not related to master's and doctoral studies. Organizational support for master's is provided by the Department of Academic Work, doctoral students and teachers are provided by the Department of Science.

Planned nature

Level of education




Master's degree

2-4 (for a 2-year master's degree);

2-3 (for a 1-year master's degree)

10 working days / 30 hours in a five-day week

No more than once in the entire program

Doctoral degree


30-90 days /30 hours in a five-day week

No more than twice in the entire program


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