This is the first level of a university education. The length of a bachelor's degree programs varies. If a student applies for a bachelor's degree after high school, he will study for 4 years. College-educated applicants may study for 3 years. For applicants with higher education the period of study will be only 2 years. Obligatory condition for obtaining the diploma - it is necessary to master at least 240 credits.

Most bachelor's degree programs are taught in Kazakh and Russian. There are multilingual programs, where training is conducted in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Bachelor's degree programs can be studied in full-time or mixed formats with the use of distance learning technologies. In the first case, the student attends the university every day, in the second - from 20 to 50% of the disciplines are studied in a distance.

The academic year in the bachelor's degree program is divided into two semesters. Each semester consists of 15 weeks. A semester ends with exams. There are vacations between semesters: in winter - 3 weeks, in summer - 2 months. For students who wish to study additional disciplines that are not included in the individual curriculum, a summer semester of 6 weeks is provided.

In order to pass to the next course of study, the student must fully complete the annual individual curriculum and receive positive grades in all examination disciplines and practices.

In the process of training a student receives theoretical and practical training. He has the opportunity to independently form the trajectory of his training, choose academic disciplines and research direction of the graduate work. Successful students have the opportunity to take part in the program of academic mobility and to study for a semester in a Kazakhstani or foreign university.

In the final year of study, students take their final exams. If a student successfully completes the program, he receives a bachelor's degree. It gives the right to hold positions that require higher education, and to enter the master's degree program.

List of educational bachelor's degree programs

2021-2022 academic year

Direction of training

Educational program


6В01  Pedagogical sciences


Pedagogics and psychology

 6B01101- Pedagogics and psychology


Pedagogics of pre-school education and teaching

6В01201-  Pre-school teaching and education


Training of teachers without subject specialization

6B01301- Pedagogics and methods of primary education


Training of teachers with a subject specialization in general development

6B01402- Basic military and physical training

6В01403- Physical education and sports

6B01406- Visual arts, art work, graphics and design





Training of teachers in natural science subjects

6B01501- Mathematics

6B01502- Mathematics-informatics

6B01502.1- Mathematics-physics

6B01503- Physics

6B01504- Physics-informatics

6B01505- Informatics

6B01506- Computer science, ICT and robotics

6B01507- Chemistry

6B01508- Chemistry-biology

6B01509- Biology

6B01510- Geography

6B01511- Geography-history





Teacher training in humanitarian subjects

6B01601- History


Teacher training in languages and literature

6B01701- Kazakh language and literature

6B01702- Kazakh and English languages

6B01703- Russian language and literature

6B01704- Russian language for foreign students

6B01705- Foreign language: two foreign languages (English)





Training of specialists in social pedagogics and self-knowledge

6B01801- Social pedagogics and self-knowledge


Teacher training in in special pedagogy

6B01901- Defectology


6В02  Arts and humanities



6B02101- Design


Humanitarian sciences

6B02201- Philosophy

6B02202- Religious studies

6B0203- Archeology and ethnology

6B02204- History





Languages and literature

6B02301- Translation studies

6B02303- Foreign philology (English, Chinese)

6B02305- Philology





6В03  Social sciences, journalism and information


Social sciencies

6B03101- Sociology

6B03105- international relations

6B03106- Psychology





Journalism and information

6B03201- Journalism

6B03202- Public relations





6В04   Business, management and law


Business and management

6B04101- Management

6B04102- State and local administration

6B04103- Economics

6B04104- Entrepreneurship and project management

6B04105- Business analytics and consulting

6B04112- World economics

6В04113- Marketing and SMM

6B04106- Accounting and auditing

6B04107- State audit

6B04109- Finance






6B04201- Jurisprudence

6B04203- International law

6В04204- Judicial and prosecutorial activities

6B04202- Legal support of business





6В05  Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics


Biological and related sciences

6B05101- Biology

6B05102- Biotechnology

6B05201- Ecology






6B05203- Geography





Physical and chemical sciences

6В05301- Chemistry

6B05302- Fundamental chemistry

6B05304- Physics

6B05305- Technical physics





Mathematics and statistics

6B05401- Mathematics

6B05402- Mechanics





6В06  Information and communication technologies


Information and communication technologies

6B060101- Informatics

6B06102- IT entrepreneurship and digital economics

6B06103- Information systems

6B06104- Mathematical and computer modeling






6B06201- Radiotechnics, electronics and telecommunications





6В07  Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries



6B07101- Chemical technology of inorganic substances

6B07102- Chemistry and physics of materials

6B07103- Heat power engineering

6B07104- Instrument engineering

6B07105- Transport, transport equipment and technologies






Manufacturing and processing industries

6B07203- Oil refining technology (by industry)

6B07201- Pharmaceutical manufacturing engineering

6В05303- Chemistry and chemical engineering





6В10  Healthcare and  social security


Social security

6B10201- Social work

6B10202- Clinical psychology



6В11  Services


Service sector

6B11101- Tourism

6B11102- Cultural and leisure work

6B11103- Restaurant and hotel business


Occupational health and safety in the production

6B11201- Life safety and environmental protection

6B11202- HR: economics and labor safety





Transport service

6B11301- Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport

6B11302- Logistics (by industry)


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