Council of Young Scientists

The Council was created in 2006 for academic support of young researchers, promotion of their scientific initiatives, attraction of young teachers and students to scientific activities. Today, the Council includes researchers under 40 years of age.

The Council takes an active part in conducting scientific events, promotes the publication activities of young researchers, represents their interests before the university administration.

You can contact the Council for assistance, declare your desire to become a member by writing to the e-mail: or by calling: +7 72 12 35-64-93.

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Under the auspices of the Council of Young Scientists, the traditional for the university Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of master’s students and students "Buketov Readings" is held. The conference program includes a discussion of topical problems in the field of natural, humanitarian, social, pedagogical sciences.

The Council annually organizes an internal stage of the Republican competition of students' scientific works in natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic sciences. As part of the selection stage, the Council determines applicants for participation in the external round of the republican competition of student research papers.

The Council is the organizer of the university competition "The Best Publication of a Young Scientist". The competition is aimed at stimulating young scientists and is held under an agreement with the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation, which provides sponsorship assistance in the implementation of promising initiatives.

The Council interacts with the Science and Commercialization Department, has its representatives in the Scientific and Technical Council of the University. The activities of the Council were highly appreciated within the framework of the Republican competition for the title of the best Council of Young Scientists - 2019, held by the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy.

View the composition of the Council of Young Scientists

Composition of the Council of Young Scientists for the 2020-2021 academic year


Kambarova Zh.T.

Chairman, PhD, Associate Professor of the Physics and Nanotechnology Department.


Arbabayeva A.T.

магистр, старший преподаватель кафедры дефектологии педагогического факультета;

Master, Senior Lecturer of the Defectology Department, Pedagogical Faculty;


Azharbekova E.N.

Master, Senior Lecturer of the Kazakh Linguistics Department, Philological Faculty;


Aitbekova D.E.

Master, doctoral student of the 3rd year, Chemistry Faculty;


Akhmetova I.A.

Senior Lecturer of the Social Work and Social Pedagogy Department, Philosophy and Psychology Faculty;


Blyaloa M.I.

PhD, Senior Lecturer of the Constitutional and International Law Department, Faculty of Law.


Yergaliyeva T.E.

Master, Senior Lecturer of the Foreign Philology Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages;


Yeskerova Z.A.

Senior Lecturer of the Management Department, Faculty of Economics;


Karshygina G.Zh.

PhD, Senior Lecturer of the Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Informatics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology;


Sokolov D.A.

Master, Senior Lecturer of the Physical Education Department, Physical Culture and Sports Faculty;


Tanasheva N.K.

PhD, Associate Professor of the of Engineering Thermophysics Department named after Professor Zh.S. Akylbaev, Faculty of Physics and Technology;


Shaibek A.Zh.

Master, Senior Lecturer of the Zoology Department, Faculty of Biology and Geography;


Shapagatova D.D.

doctoral student of the Archeology, Ethnology and Domestic History Department, Faculty of History.