Master's degree programs

This is the second level of university education. Training in the master's program is carried out on the basis of higher education in two directions: scientific - pedagogical and profile.

The master's degree program in the scientific and pedagogical direction is designed for 2 years, or 120 ESTC. The obtained qualification allows the graduates to work in higher educational institutions, research organizations, be engaged in teaching and research activities.

The master's degree program in the profile direction is designed for 1.5 years, or 90 ESTC, and also for 1 year, or 60 ESTC. The obtained qualification will enable the graduates to become managers in various economic sectors.

Instruction is provided primarily in Kazakh and Russian, with some courses taught in English.

Master's degree programs are studied in the full-time format with the use of distance learning technologies.

An academic year in the master's degree programs is divided into two semesters. Each semesters consists of 15 weeks ends with exams. There are vacations between semesters. The total duration of vacations during the academic year is 7 weeks, except for the final course.

In order to pass to the next course of study, a master's student must fully complete the annual individual curriculum and receive positive grades in all examination disciplines and practices.

The educational program of master's degree includes theoretical, practical and research training. During the training a master's student has the opportunity to independently form the trajectory of his training, to choose academic disciplines and the research direction of the master's thesis. Successful master's students have the opportunity to take part in the program of academic mobility and to study for a semester in a Kazakhstani or foreign university.

In the final year of study, a master's student takes final tests. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate receives a master's degree. It gives him the right to hold all positions that require postgraduate education, as well as to enter doctoral studies.

List of educational master's degree programs

2022-2023 academic year

7M01 Pedagogical sciences

  1. Pedagogics and psychology
  2. 7М01101 - Pedagogics and psychology
  3. Pedagogics of pre-school education and teaching
  4. 7М01201 - Pedagogy of preschool training and education
  5. Training of teachers without subject specialization
  6. 7М01301 - Pedagogics and methods of primary education
  7. Training of teachers with a subject specialization in general development
  8. 7М01402 - Basic military and physical training
  9. Training of teachers in natural science subjects
  10. 7М01501 - Physics
    7М01502 - Mathematics
    7М01503 - Informatics
    7М01504 - Chemistry
    7М01505 - Biology
    7М01506 - Geography
  11. Teacher training in humanitarian subjects
  12. 7М01601 - History
  13. Teacher training in languages and literature
  14. 7М01701 - Kazakh language and literature
    7М01702 - Russian language and literature
    7М01703 - Foreign language: two foreign languages
  15. Training of specialists in social pedagogics and self-knowledge
  16. 7М01802 - Social pedagogy
  17. Teacher training in in special pedagogy
  18. 7М01901 - Defectology
    7М01903 - Speech therapy

    7М02 Arts and humanities

  19. Humanitarian sciences
  20. 7М02201 - History
    7М02202 - Philosophy
  21. Languages and literature
  22. 7М02301 - Foreign philology
    7М02302 - Applied Philology
    7M02303 - Translation and SMART technologies in linguistics

    7M03Social sciences, journalism and information

  23. Social sciencies
  24. 7М03101 - Sociology
    7М03102 - Political science
    7М03104 - Psychology
    7М03201 - Journalism

    7M04 Business, management and law

  25. Business and management
  26. 7М04101 - Economics
    7М04102 - World economics
    7М04103 - State and local administration
    7М04104 - Management
    7М04105 - Business administration
    7М04106 - Project managment
    7М04107 - Accounting and auditing
    7М04111 - Marketing
    7M04112 - Management and Financial Analytics (MBA)
  27. Law
  28. 7М04201 - Legal support for the activities of public authorities and administration
    7М04203 - Judicial and prosecutorial activities
    7М04204 - Anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) and economic security
    7М04205 - Private law
    7М04205.1 - Private Law
    7М04206 - Jurisprudence
    7М04207 - Jurisprudence

    7M05 Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

  29. Biological and related sciences
  30. 7М05101 - Biology
    7М05102 - Biotechnology
  31. Еnvironment
  32. 7М05201 - Ecology
  33. Physical and chemical sciences
  34. 7М05301 - Chemistry
    7М05302 - Physics
    7М05303 - Technical physics
  35. Mathematics and statistics
  36. 7М05401 - Mathematics
    7М05402 - Mechanics

    7M06 Information and communication technologies

  37. Information and communication technologies
  38. 7М06101 - Information systems and technologies
    7М06102 - IT entrepreneurship and digital economics
    7М06104 - Information systems and technologies (1 year)

    7М07 Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries

  39. Engineering
  40. 7М07101 - Chemical technology of inorganic substances
    7М07102 - Chemistry and chemical engineering
    7М07103 - Petrochemistry
    7М07104 - Heat power engineering
    7М07105 - Electronics of communication systems and telecommunication technologies
    7М07107 - Transport, transport equipment and technologies
    7М07108 - Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

    7M11 Services

  41. Service sector
  42. 7М11101 - Tourism
  43. Transport service
  44. 7М11302 - Logistics (by industry)
  45. Social security
  46. 7М11401 - Social work

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