Volunteer movement and social projects for students

Volunteer Movement

The purpose of the Volunteer Center" BIZ BARMYZ " is to coordinate the work of volunteers from among students, to support their activities for the benefit of society. The development of high moral qualities in young people through the involvement of students in social, environmental, humanitarian, cultural and educational and other projects and programs.

You can find out about the work of our volunteers on the social network Instagram: @bizbarmyz.


The goal of the volunteer center "BIZ BARMYZ" is to become a single volunteer center that coordinates, controls and manages the work of all faculty volunteer clubs and movements aimed at developing and supporting volunteer activities at the university, among university students.

Zhumabek Zhibek Aripbekovna, head of the volunteer center "Biz barmyz": e-mail: z.zhmabek@bk.ru  .

Tanatar Aidana Bauyrzhanovna, official coordinator of the volunteer movement at the University: e-mail: aidoni0703@mail.ru

Faculty Volunteer clubs

Faculty of Chemistry: "Niet" volunteer Center

Head: Darzhan Bekzat.

Instagram: @niet_ksu_kz

2. Faculty of Foreign Languages: "Zhurekten zhurekke" volunteer center

Head: Tarybai Madiyar Zhasulanuly

Instagram: @fif.volunteers

3. Faculty of History: "Jyly Jurek" volunteer Center

Head: Tungyshbaeva Arailym

Instagram: @jylyjurek.volunteers 

4. Faculty of Law: "NoDressCode" volunteer center

Head: Musa Akniyet

Instagram: @nodresscode.kbu 

5. Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology: Good Way Volunteer Center

Head: Akhmetova Indira Abdigazymovna

Instagram: @ksu_goodway_fip   

6. Pedagogical faculty: "Meirim" volunteer center

Head: Alshinbaeva Saule Zholdybaevna

Instagram: @volonter_meirim

7. Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports: "Adal Komek" volunteer center

Head: Kadykenova Adel Adiletovna

Instagram: @adal_komek

8. Faculty of Philology: "Shapagat" volunteer Center

Head: Kayyrbekova Aida Kurmangazykyzy

Instagram: @filologiya_boketov

9. Biology and Geography Faculty: "Sunkar" volunteer center

Head: Ashrephan Gabiden

Instagram: @bgf_volunteers 

10.    Faculty of Economics: "Asar" volunteer Center

Head: Abdukarimov Abulamit Abdumalikuly

Instagram: @asar_ksu

11. Physics-Technical Faculty: "Qamqor" volunteer center

Head: Abdimusayeva Anel Maratovna

Instagram: @vl_qamqor_team

12. Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology: "Alga Kadam" volunteer Center

Head: Abilkhan Akzhibek

Instagram: @algaqadam_qq