Support for scientists

The university implements a policy of support for scientists, who have the opportunity to receive organizational assistance, internal research grants, one-time funding of scientific results.

Organizational assistance
  1. A scientist can receive organizational and advisory support when applying:
  2. - for participation in scientific competitions, including grant and program-targeted funding, the national competition "The best teacher of the university";

    - to obtain a certificate in the National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  1. The university provides full support of funded projects: from the conclusion of the contract with the customer to the delivery of the act of completed work, the financial report on the use of allocated funds and the final scientific report.

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Internal research grant

The university provides internal grants for scientific research. Applicants include faculty members, students, master’s and doctoral students of the university. You should declare your intention to receive an internal grant to the Science and Commercialization Department. The staff of the Department will assist in filling out the application to the University Board.

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In 2020, the university allocated 8 internal grants for the study of relevant scientific topics:

The topic is "Electro-hydraulic unit for the extraction of valuable components from technogenic raw materials and ores". Scientific supervisor - PhD, Associate Professor Khassenov A.K.

Topic "Creation of new azulene-containing conjugated oligomers for organic solar cells." Scientific supervisor - Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor N.Merkhatuly

Topic "A new approach to the hydrocatalytic cracking of primary coal tar and polymer waste into multipurpose products in the presence of nanocatalytic additives." Scientific supervisor - PhD Tussipkhan A.

The topic is "Plant and animal biological material cryopreservation for a viability preservation algorithm development and a bank of frozen samples creating." Scientific supervisor - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Professor Ishmuratova M.Yu.

The topic is "Study and evaluation of the medicinal properties of seeds of the plant Beta vulgaris of the Amaranth family in the experiment." Scientific supervisor - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.E. Konkabayeva

Topic "Fragments and their model classes". Scientific supervisor - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Eshkeyev A.R.

The topic is "Development of a solar energy photoconverter based on semiconductor polymer and metal-phthalocyanines." Scientific supervisor - PhD, Associate Professor A.K. Zeinidenov.

Topic "Theory and practice of countering the spread of religious extremism among young people." Scientific supervisor - Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor Amanzholova B.A.

In 2021, the university allocated 3 grants:

The topic is " Problems of Kasymology". Scientific supervisor - Doctor of Philology, Professor Zharylgapov Zh.Zh.

The topic is "Famine of 1931-1933 in Central Kazakhstan: causes and consequences (based on materials from archives and memoirs)." Scientific supervisor - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Mustoyapova A.T.

Topic "Development of a textbook for the 9th grade on the subject "Fundamentals of Law". Scientific supervisor - Master of Laws Shakirova A.B.

One-time funding of scientific results
  1. University practices full and partial financing of internships for teachers and students in domestic and foreign universities, participation in conferences and forums.
  2. University provides a salary supplement for the preparation of publications in top-rated scientific journals such as Web of Science and Scopus.
  3. University pays for the publication of doctoral students in top-rated journals.
  4. University has established a preferential rate for publications of teachers and students in the "Bulletin of Karaganda University".
  5. University holds competitions for young scientists, according to the results of which it awards cash payments.
  6. University conducts competitions for young scientists, according to the results of which it awards monetary payments.
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- payment of application fees and formal examination fees for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, appellations of origin of goods;

- payment of fees for the conducting an examination on the merits of the invention application;

- payment of fees for works on publication in the State Register of information on registration and issuance of a protection document for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, appellations of origin of goods;

- payment of fees for maintenance of the document of protection in force for a period of three years, starting from the date of publication in the official gazette of information about the issuance of this document of protection.

You can contact the Science and Commercialization Department for support.