"House of Students" complex

The House of Students includes 6 residential buildings of 9 floors with a capacity of 2,400 beds.

All buildings are divided into several zones: residential sections, household rooms, laundries, showers, leisure rooms.

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Residential section includes double or triple rooms, a small toilet, a shower cabin and a common corridor. Each room has two or three beds with a mattress, a table, two or three chairs, a wardrobe, bedding, curtains, and a floor mat. The toilet room contains a toilet bowl and a sink for washing.
The living section includes 2 or 3 rooms.
The area of a double room is 11 sq.m., a triple room - 16.4 sq.m., a toilet room - 1.2 sq.m., a common corridor - 8.6 sq.m.

Household rooms are located on each floor and are intended for cooking. They have two electric stoves, a sink for washing dishes, a table.

Laundry rooms are equipped with automatic washing machines.

Drying rooms contain special drying racks, ironing boards and irons.

Shower rooms is equipped with shower cabins.

In the leisure rooms you can play board games, and read books.

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Residential floor




toilet room


household room


drying rooms


жилая комната



leisure room



А – residential section

В – specialized part of the floor

Specialized floor


shower room


laundry room



Students can use the gym "Ayuli" and the Leisure Center "Zhastar Ortalygy", which are located on the territory of the Students ' House.

Each House of Students is equipped with security cameras, a pass system, a security guard, and a superintendent.

The Houses of Students are located on the campus, which is located in a residential area on the southeast side of town. On campus there is a university clinic. Near the campus there are grocery stores, pharmacies, bus stops that allow you to go to the central part of town.

The campus can be reached by public transport.

There is a fee to live in the Houses of Students, and payment is due at check-in.

Cost of living in the Houses of Students for the current academic year.

Category of students

Cost per room

tenge/academic year


100 000

115 000 – House № 1, Block «Б»

130 000 – House № 4, Block «А»

Students - holders of the "Serpin - 2050" grant

80 000

Trainees of the preparatory department

40 000

Master’s students

150 000

Doctoral students

160 000


To obtain a place in the House of Students, you must submit an online application on the SESC portal . The application will be reviewed by the University Placement Committee. Notification of the committee's decision is automatically reflected in the personal account of the applicant and the commandant of the House of Students.

Residents of the House of Students must abide by the ground rules.

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Dear Students! The dormitory is your second home. The university staff works hard to make your stay comfortable. Therefore, we ask that you respect each other and abide by the basic rules of residence:

  1. You should respect your roommates, the House of Students, and staff.
  2. Personal hygiene, cleanliness of the rooms and grounds of the Houses of Students should be observed. It is important to conduct daily cleaning of rooms, vestibules and sanitary units in the residential section.
  3. It is necessary to treat the House of Students property with care.
  4. It is forbidden to take out of the building the House of Students property, property of other residents and staff.
  5. The schedule of the House of Students should be followed. It is important to come back to the House of Students before 10 p.m. From that time it is forbidden to make noise, hold parties or invite guests. It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcoholic drinks or use drugs.
  6. It is necessary to fulfill the reasonable requirements of the House of Students commandant and inform him about emergency situations.
  7. It is forbidden to pick fights, use foul language, morally and physically humiliate the person, cause damage to health, extort money, enter someone else's room without permission and take each other's personal belongings.